Hongkong - To the south, to the endless sea

Hidden between gangster movies and warm movies, a vacillating but fascinating city.

The noisy street may be fast-paced, or it may be a mixture of various accents in front of the temple.

It is lonely and free, but it has a clear outline and vigorous vitality, enough to heal all tension and anxiety.

The crowd was densely packed, infiltrating the horizontal and vertical streets like a torrent, and it became the most lively appearance.

“ I haven’t been on a motorcycle for a long time,

And it’s been a long time since I was so close to a person,

Although I know this road is not very far.

I know I will get off soon.

But this minute,

I feel so warm.” —— Fallen Angels

Is there anything in this world that does not expire?” —— Chungking Express

People are only half when they are born, walking in the world in order to find the other half. Some people are lucky and found them very quickly, while others will look for them for a lifetime.” —— Gorgeous

Don’t say it twice, say it twice and I believe it.” —— As Tears Go by

“Countless stories of Hollywood's great love have all happened at the end of a bright moon.” —— All's Well, Ends Well

“When you find that time is a thief, it has already stolen all your choices.” —— Echoes Of The Rainbow

Shuttle between the urban forest and the forest city….

The soul that supports this steel body is a unique collision of history and culture.

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