Inspiration - Casablanca

Life is too hurried, and everyone will have tears in their eyes. Only oneself can heal themselves.

Jen&K Casablanca


You don’t have to be disappointed with every cool breeze here, it will help you take away your impetuosity and let go of your worries.

“Please come back to me in CasablancaI love you more and more each day as time goes by.” —— Casablanca

Casablanca 2


“ When I miss you once a day, a grain of sand falls in the sky, and the whole Sahara is no longer a lonely place, but becomes a faraway place in the poem of my heart.” —— The story of the Sahara

You say we are very small, and we can't hide from the whim of fate.” —— The beginning of man


The Atlantic wind is blowing, the hem of the long skirt and the ends of the long hair are fluttering messily.

From the square to the pier, flocks of seagulls swooping towards you, the summer has already flown away.

In the evening, lying on the roof of the old house, following the seagulls, hovering in the harbor pier, flying between the white roofs.


When waking up from a dream, there was a deep sound of minarets outside the window, and the lotus pink headscarf wrapped around the heads of fashionable young women that you occasionally saw on the street corner.

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