Inspiration - Prague

Through the window of the old red train heading to the sea, once again, gradually away from me…


A tear from the Indian Ocean fell in Eastern Europe.

“If love is a city, then this city is called Prague.” —— Somewhere Only We Know

Wherever you look, your eyes are full of historical medieval customs, and you seem to break into a medieval dreamland without paying attention.

The streets are intricate, twists and turns, and buildings of various styles are intertwined and blended. Every corner is an encounter, and every gaze is a dialogue with history.

It seems to have a magical power, which makes people yearn for and reluctant to leave, making people who miss it want to come back again.

Find a quiet corner to sit down, watch the pigeon with its back to the sunset, watch the street performers perform, listen to the creaking of the wheels over the stone road…

We will always fall in love with something, people, scenery, and a city in an instant.

“ The piano keys are shining with light, and the painted glass windows are decorated with Gothic churches. Whoever plays a wandering sorrow, following the sound of the piano, sees the rose clinging to an eighteenth-century oil painting…” —— Prague Square

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