Inspiration - shangri

The wind and rain of reincarnation in the four seasons witness the thriving snow-capped mountains. 

According to legend, this place is the closest to the sky. It is called the most beautiful pure land in the world and the place closest to heaven. It is also the origin of all beautiful dreams.

Perhaps it is the preference of the Creator, it has been endowed with all the purest beauty, a fairyland forgotten by God in the world.

It is hidden deep in the plateau, surrounded by mountains, and guarded by Tibetan Buddhist monasteries for generations.

Looking up at the night sky from a high place, you’ve seen it, and you’ve fallen in love with it.

Mountains, seas of clouds, valleys, lakes, pastures, as well as the singing of herdsmen echoing in the mountains, the sound of bells on the necks of horses…

“There, the three rivers converge, the mountains are towering high into the clouds, the tops of the mountains are white with snow, and the ground is covered with deep grass underneath.” —— Lost horizon

Walking on the red sandstone road, it is like a fresh ink painting, full of freshness.

You are the sun and the moon in my heart here, the extra before and after the journey is just to meet you.

A Tibetan eagle, a heavenly road, opened its sacred and secret door.

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